​Sealing, Striping, Fencing, and other services

Striping and Parking Lot Maintenance

Decker will re-stripe your parking lot with precision, making it look even better than the original.

We also add or replace handicap spots, no parking zones, bumpers, ballards, and speed bumps. 


Untreated driveways and parking lots will decay and weather quickly. With unsealed driveways the asphalt binder begins to break down and moisture will penetrate causing more damage and deterioration to the pavement.

Sealing your pavement doubles it's life and not to mention creates a beautiful black finish that keeps your driveway and parking lot looking brand new.

Without being sealed, your pavement becomes dry and brittle, which leads to easy cracks and erosion.  

Not only will your driveway or parking look much better, you will be spending LESS money. Sealing your asphalt will cost less than you would spend trying to repair all the damage an unsealed driveway would cause.

Make the smart choice today and call 270-842-2210 to protect your driveway and parking lots today!

Decker Services

- Seal Driveways                                                                     - Court stripings    

-Seal Parking Lots                                                                   - Crack and damage repair

- Parking lot stripings and markings                                    - Aggregate sealing

- Bumpers, bollards, speed bumps                                      - Sidewalks & Patio Sealing

Seal Coating


Wind, rain, sun, no matter what type of weather, your driveways and parking lots are going through a lot of decay and destroying daily. The sun oxidizes the pavement and asphalt, while moisture penetrates it and causes cracks and damage. The only way to protect your driveway or parking lot and to have it stay in good condition for long periods of time is to seal. By sealing you are coating the area and keeping the asphalt safe.

Chemical Damage

With parking lots and driveways you also have to worry about chemical damage. Chemicals such as oil dripping from cars, gasoline, and other natural chemicals also deteriorate the asphalt. By sealing, you keep your pavement hard and strong, and stop the softening and breaking down of the asphalt the chemicals will cause.

Improves Overall Look

Seal coating your parking lot or driveway restores the smooth, sleek, dark black look your asphalt originally had. It takes your driveway or lot from looking rough and worn out to looking good as new. It improves the overall look of your home and business, easily bringing in more customers by just the outward appearance.