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What more could you want? Get all of your construction and repairing jobs in one place and no place is better than Decker! We pride ourselves on your satisfaction!

Decker Services 

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We offer more than just Striping and Sealing!

In order to be able to meet more customers' needs, our business had to make some changes!

We now offer not only sealing and striping, but a variety of services for your 

benefit! Free estimates for all of our services are included! 


We provide all services for your concrete needs, including but not limited to, construction of concrete headwalls, cleaning and sealing of concrete sidewalks, patios, and porches, and other concrete repair and improvements. If you are needing other concrete work not listed, just give us a call and ask.  


We are proud to say that not only do we just seal asphalt and concrete. We also seal Aggregate driveways, sidewalks, patios and porches. Your hard to clean aggregate surfaces will be pressure washed and sealed, keeping dirt and decay from getting inside the cracks and pores of your beautiful aggregate surfaces.


Pressure Washing

Whether it be your home, sidewalks, or cleaning your driveway before we seal, we will supply the fix to your pressure washing needs. The toughest jobs can be completed and cleaned with our high power pressure washers. No matter how dirty or how old, no job is too big. 

Decks and Patios

What is summer without a nice deck and patio to relax on? Decker Services can build you your own perfect paradise right in your own backyard. Choose the style, surface and look of your deck yourself. Including but not limited to: wooden, stone, rock, tile, etc.


Other Services

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